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Jack It

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Do you notice

Her haunted eyes

Her shaking hands

Do you notice

The bruises she hides

Her broken will

Do you notice

Her cry for help

Her whispered prayers 

Do you notice

She stands alone

She talks to no one

Or do you notice

Everyone around her

As she move like a ghost

Do you see her

Do you ever care

Or do you just not notice she even exists


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Every Breath You Take

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You laugh

You cry

You sigh

You love

You sing

You breath

Are these your every day feelings

Or are they because of me


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My shy smile

Your wicked lips

My shaking words

Your breath-taking voice

My hidden eyes

Your glowing orbs

My quivering body

Your muscled warmth

You drive me crazy

I make you lose control

Are we a perfect match

Or just a wast of time 

Eleatheon-(a story)

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                                               To my dearest Rupert:

                 I miss you dearly, so please come home to me soon.

Oh, and Rupert all in one piece this time, please!

I love you dearly and will be quite distraught if you do not return!

Love Always


              For Eleatheon’s love for Rupert was so great that she willing to for-fit life and home to be with him. Eleatheon was one of the most beautiful, strong-willed, and cunning women in the land. She was a warrior that could not be beaten. The fact that she was the Levindo princess and prophecy bound further proved her skill and ranking. With her rich chocolate brown hair, piercing deep blue eyes, and honeyed porcelain skin she was said to be exquisite.

               There was a friend almost as skillful as Eleatheon, whose name was Achilles Alexander. Who had quite a fascination with Eleatheon. He watched her every move, waiting for the opportunity to take her as his own. Watching and waiting in the depths of time. Years pass by, yet he still awaits, appearing to be merely a friend. He was tall, black haired, dreamy velvety-green eyes, hotly tanned as a golden god, and well built. To most he was as a god himself.

            Then there was Crono, the dark wizard for the crown of Levindo. Crono was well respected as a master of the dark arts. He was one of the few not persecuted for practicing such a controversial thing as black magic. He had rich brown hair, gorgeous baby blue eyes, and fair skin.

             Next came Phoenix, who was a black knight for the crown. He was the highest rank of all the knights in the kingdom. he’s one deadly flaw, pure light. Black hair, luminescent skin, dark eyes, and a dark abyss of a soul.

               We must not forget the great magical blacksmith Baton, whose weapons could only be wielded by the person they were made for.                 Baton had dirty blond hair, golden eyes, a chiseled body, a striking face, and well worked hands. He was a gift to the eye.

                Wolfgang a scorned suer of Eleatheon’s, still wanting only her and the fiercest kingdom in the land, demands marriage. With             Eleatheon’s refusal and engagement to Rupert, Wolfgang declared war. Auburn hair, tiger-yellow eyes, broad shoulders, a lightly tanned body, the arrogance of  Adonis, the brutality of a devil, and the cunning of Areas.

                   Last but certainly not least is Rupert. Away at war with Wolfgang, Rupert was elated when word for Eleatheon was procured. Rupert had golden blond hair, cool gray eyes, a dark tanned body covered with scars, and the heart of the people.


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Martin, John - Sadak in Search of the Waters o...

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For what in mind

There is no thought

For what is fear

But love it self

For what is life

But oblivion

Are these the facts

Or the tells of rulers passed


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What simple pleasure

What heart felt love

What abandoned life

What soulful deepth

This simple hope

Is what I have

For entire future

In days to come


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A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo ...

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The pain in my heart

The words that you say

You call me a liar

Say I‘m a cheater

Yet I still love

I still stay

Hiding my agony

Pretending bliss

When bleeding inside

Slowly I die

Little by little

Day by day

All I want is your love

But all I gain is your scorn

All I have is your bitter hate

What is left for me here

Why can’t I leave

Why don’t you care

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